Student Case Studies


Maira & Bryan Segal

With some success in the real estate market, Maira and Bryan Segal decided to take it to the next level. In August 2014, they attended their first Success Path Education Seminar. Though they were a little skeptical, going through the program helped them network with real estate professionals and get in contact with a whole-seller for their first property. 

They were able to purchase a 4 bed, 2 bath home at $285k. They remodeled the floors, kitchen, bathrooms, pool, added closet space, touched up landscaping, and painted throughout the entire home. Though they spent $6500 over budget, the entire rehab took only 45 days and were able to sell within 90 days after. Success Path Education gave the Segals the knowledge they needed to be successful. Their advice:

“Challenge yourself and be open minded to all that you learn in this program. Be the type of individual that will do the right thing for you and your family. The one and only path to major success in life or in this program is to take massive, determined action! Always remember, your dreams won’t work unless you do!” 

Rachel & Reitzee Feldman



Rachel and Reitzee Feldman are a mother and daughter duo who attended a Success Path Seminar in Canada. With the help of their coach, Eric Lloyd, the Feldmans were able to take their knowledge and purchase a 3 bed, 1 bath home in Chicago, IL. Though the project turned out to be a complete renovation, including new electricals and plumbing, the Feldmans were able to extend the home into a 6 bed, 3 bath. Success Path Education gave Rachel and Reitzee the training they needed to help understand, anticipate and navigate the real estate world.  Their advice:

“Looking back at the steps we’ve taken, I think the first success I recognize is the redefinition of success. To many success seems to be associated only with large profits. I see success as having the ability to do something new that was previously difficult. To try again despite defeat. To believe even after we were failed. To forge ahead without a clear idea of how we are going to pull it off. To believe that despite the setbacks, every new attempt is a new possible profitable outcome. To believe in ourselves and our untapped potential. We have succeeded BIG TIME.

Did we make a money fortune-No. Not yet. Did we make some monetary profit-Absolutely. But where we profited the most and accrued our fortune is in the lessons we’ve learned and knowledge we gained from both the positive and negative experiences. The establishment of a strong infrastructure (coaches, trusted agents, attorneys, contractors) who share our best interests and goals is an essential fundamental stage of a long term real estate empire. We’ve managed that in 2 different cities. That’s success.”

Stephanie Gomez

As she was on her way home, Stephanie Gomez  saw an elderly woman putting a ‘For Sale By Owner’ on her front lawn. Stephanie told her she was interested in purchasing the home and two days later, signed the contract for a purchase price of $65,000. After renovations were completed, Stephanie was able to sell the home and make a profit of $15,000. Her advice? “You may get discouraged, but keep going. If you do the right things enough times, it will happen."